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5301 Park Ave. , Bethel Park, PA 15102
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SHIM: After School Program: Child/Youth Programs – 4935 East Willock Rd. Baldwin, PA 15227. – Provides children in grades K-5th grade who attend Paynter Elementary School with a safe and welcoming environment to receive homework assistance, study weekly themed lessons, and complete activities in art, gym, and library. – Courtney Macurak, 412-854-9120,

SHIM: Early Childhood Program: Child/Youth Programs – 1450 Maple Dr. Baldwin, PA 15227. – Promotes school readiness among primarily refugee children living in Whitehall Place and focuses on activities geared toward each child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and creative development. – Jennifer Smith, 412-885-0284,

SHIM: Prospect Park Family Center: Child/Youth Programs – 1450 Maple Dr. Baldwin, PA 15227. – Provides families living in Whitehall Place (formerly Prospect Park) with home visits, child development screenings, parenting workshops, support groups, and connections to resources. – Lori Haller, 412-885-0284,

SHIM: Summer Camp: Child/Youth Programs – 1450 Maple Dr. Baldwin, PA 15227. – A summer camp for children in grades Pre-K-8 with activities in arts, crafts, games, group activities, and playground time. – Courtney Macurak, 412-854-9120,

SHIM: Youth Mentoring Program: Child/Youth Programs – 1450 Maple Dr. Baldwin, PA 15227. – Fosters the academic and emotional development of middle and high school students living in Whitehall Place, empowering them to graduate from high school and achieve post-high school success in college or the workplace. – Susie Backshieder, 412-854-9120,

SHIM: Dollar Energy Screening Site: Human Services – 5301 Park Ave. Bethel Park, PA 15102. – SHIM is a screening site for the Dollar Energy utility assistance program. If utility service has been terminated, or is in threat of termination, individuals can apply to receive a one-time utility assistance grant. – Molly Patterson, 412-854-9120,

SHIM: Food Pantry & Clothing Room: Human Services – Pantries operate 2x monthly at Bethel Center (5301 Park Ave), Prospect Park Family Center (1450 Maple Dr, Baldwin and 201 Knoedler Rd, Whitehall). Clothing room is located at 5301 Park Ave only – serves all. – Provides non-perishable items and produce from community gardens during the growing season for families in need. The clothing room is open to everyone registered to use the food pantries to “shop” at no charge for seasonally appropriate clothing. – Molly Patterson, 412-854-9120,

SHIM: Immigrant Services and Connections (ISAC): Human Services – 1450 Maple Dr. Baldwin, PA 15227. – Assists refugees and immigrants in accessing existing services like shelter, education, healthcare, and legal support in Allegheny County. – Courtney Macurak, 412-854-9120,

SHIM: Smart Investments: Human Services – 5301 Park Ave. Bethel Park, PA 15102. – Provides small grants to women experiencing life-changing events like an accident, illness, domestic abuse, or unemployment. – Jennifer LaRosa, 412-854-9120,

SHIM: WorkAble: Human Services – 5301 Park Ave. Bethel Park, PA 15102. – Provides access to free one-on-one career counseling, workshops, career fairs, resume assistance, job searching strategies, LinkedIn training, and access to an online learning center. – Jennifer LaRosa, 412-854-9120,

Municipalities in the Mon Valley Served
Clairton, Dravosburg, Duquesne, Glassport, Homestead, Liberty, Lincoln, McKeesport, Munhall, Port Vue, South Versailles, Versailles, West Homestead
Municipalities in the South Hills Served
Baldwin, Bethel Park, Brentwood, Elizabeth Borough, Elizabeth Township, Forward, Jefferson Hills, Pleasant Hills, South Park, West Elizabeth, West Mifflin, Whitehall
Districts & Schools Served
None of the Above
Language Access Information

SHIM: After School Program: Arabic, Karen, Nepali.

SHIM: Early Childhood Program: Nepali.

SHIM: Prospect Park Family Center: Arabic and Romanian.

SHIM: Summer Camp: Nepali.

SHIM: Immigrant Services and Connections (ISAC): Materials in Arabic, Nepali, French.

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