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1816 Locust Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
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Health and Wellness Human Services Senior Services Transportation
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Jefferson Area Program Address: Low Vision Services, 4411 Stilley Road, Brentwood, PA 15227.

Blind and Vision Low Vision Rehabilitation Services: Healthcare – Offers a comprehensive eye exam by our specially trained optometrist; prescribed optical aids; and instruction from an occupational therapist who will teach you how to use your new optical aids. Medicare and most insurances are accepted. – Michelle Kuntz, 412-368-4400 ext 3447,

Blind and Vision Computer Access Technology: Human Services – In-home training in accessible technologies, including screen-reading software, screen magnification, Braille displays, smart phones, and other computer technology. – Bonnie Rizzino, 412-368-4400 ext 2246,

Blind and Vision Vision Screenings for Children and Adults: Healthcare – Free vision screenings for children ages 1 to 6 makes early detection of vision deficiencies possible. – Anne Mulligan, 412-368-4400 ext 2248,

Blind and Vision Transportation Services: Transportation Services – Provides transportation services from homes to appointments for eligible individuals with vision loss. – Lisa Savinda, 412-368-4400 ext 2223,

Blind and Vision Senior Services: Senior Services – In-home training helps seniors who are vision impaired adjust, adapt, and continue to live independently with vision loss. Bonnie Rizzino, 412-368-4400 ext 2246,

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